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Music and Youth Culture (2006, Edinburgh University Press) BOOK REVIEW | BBC FEATURE | PRESS FEATURE

Key Themes in Media Theory (2007, Open University Press/McGraw-Hill: 2012, trans. Hebrew) BOOK REVIEW

Key Themes in Media Theory [Indian edition] (2008, Rawat Publications)

Media Studies: Theories and Approaches (2009, Kamera Books; 2010, Kindle Edition)

Media Studies [Turkish Edition] (2010, Aralik)


‘User Authority Through Mediated Interaction: A case of eBay-in-use’, Journal of Consumer Culture, Vol 10, No 1 (March 2010): 105-28.

‘Media Studies 1.0: Back to Basics’, three:d, Issue 16 (April 2011): 14-16. [Reprinted in Networks, Issue 13 (Spring 2011) and Media Education Research Journal, Vol 2, No 2 (2012): 57-64]


‘Music media in young people’s everyday lives’ in J. Sexton (ed.) Music, Sound and Multimedia: From the Live to the Virtual (2007, Edinburgh University Press) BOOK REVIEW

‘A la recherche des publics de la musique Britannique: sous-cultures, pratiques quotidiennes et mediation’ in H. Dauncey and P. Le Guern (eds) Stereo: Sociologie Comparee des Musiques France /G-B. (2008, IRMA/Presses universitaires de Rennes)

‘Mapping British music audiences: subcultural, everyday and mediated approaches’ in H. Dauncey and P. Le Guern (eds) Stereo: Comparative Perspectives on the Sociological Study of Popular Music in France and Britain (2011, Ashgate)


‘Media Studies 1.0: Back to Basics’ [PDF], Discussion Paper, Media Education Summit 2011, Ravensbourne, Greenwich Peninsula, London, 2011

‘The Sports Digital Media-scape’ [PowerPoint], Introductory Lecture, Carnegie Sporting Words Festival 2009, Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds, 2009

‘Uses of Music Media’, Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies Seminar Series, University of Sunderland, 2008

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‘Representations of Media Studies in the UK Press’, Media Education Summit 2009, Liverpool John Moores University, 2009

‘Jazz and Popular Song by Mass Observation, 1938-42: Ahead of its Time?’ [PowerPoint], Recording Leisure Lives: Sports, Games and Pastimes in 20th-Century Britain, University of Bolton/Leisure Studies Association, 2009

‘Mass Observation’s Study of Dance Music, Jazz and Popular Song, 1938-42: Sowing the Seeds of Cultural Studies?’ [PowerPoint], MeCCSA Annual Conference, National Media Museum, Bradford, 2009

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‘What a Difference eBay Makes: User Authority Through Mediated Interaction’, Cultural Studies Now Conference, University of East London, 2007


Recent interview on ITV News about the dangers of internet fame (see my June 2013 blog). This news item was broadcast on ITV Tyne Tees on Monday 3rd June and subsequently on ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar News on Thursday 6th June.

Recent interviews on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York, Radio Aire, Real Radio and for BBC News Online, including: 11/05/12 BBC Radio Leeds on the Leveson Inquiry and the relationship between politics and the media; 31/05/12 BBC Radio York on the local newspaper industry going tabloid; 23/10/12 BBC Radio Leeds on public trust in the BBC following Newsnight’s decision not to broadcast allegations about sexual offences committed by the late Jimmy Saville; 10/04/13 BBC Radio Leeds on the death of Margaret Thatcher and her media persona; 15/04/13 BBC Radio Leeds follow-up on reaction to Thatcher’s death; 19/04/13 BBC Radio Leeds on Operation Yewtree and the arrest of Australian entertainer Rolf Harris for alleged sexual offences.

Also, recent contributions to articles in the Daily Telegraph, including: 27/4/13 on Gwyneth Paltrow as a divisive celebrity; 11/4/13 on the rising popularity of Irish talk show host Graham Norton.

Also, recent commentary in the Yorkshire Evening Post, including: 20/7/12 on mobile phone texting; 28/9/12 on the use of expletives by Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell; 3/11/12 on pre-Christmas consumer culture.