11th Apr 2010

eBay article out now!

At last! After much to-ing and fro-ing, and the usual lack of organisation endemic in academic journalism, my eBay article has been published in the Journal of Consumer Culture. University students may be able to access the article via their online library resources, but if not, there is a one-off payment facility for the especially keen.

The abstract goes something like this…

This paper will attempt to outline the most significant implications posed by eBay to traditional relationships between producers and consumers. In several respects eBay provides greater seller-buyer interactivity and inclusiveness than any other marketplace. The new forms of mediated interaction opened up by eBay seem to accommodate greater scope for what I will call ‘user authority’ than have ever existed previously. This paper will apply theories of productive consumption, consumer authority and mediated interactions to an empirical study of eBay-in-use, drawing on the author’s autobiographical experiences alongside those from a network of sellers of antique and collectable items.

Once copyright clearance is approved, I’ll make the full article available on this site.

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