10th Aug 2011

Media Studies 1.0 versus 2.0: debate at last!

In the latest issue of Networks Prof David Gauntlett attacks my criticisms of his MS 2.0: http://www.adm.heacademy.ac.uk/networks/networks-summer-2011/features/good-and-bad-times-for-making-and-thinking

For my MS 1.0 article in the previous issue, see: http://www.adm.heacademy.ac.uk/networks/networks-spring-2011/features/media-studies-1-0-back-to-basics

So the gloves are off! According to Gauntlett, my brand of media studies is old-fashioned and nostalgic, whereas his media studies is creative and innovative. I feel more comfortable with The X Factor and all that other boring stuff… watched by tens of millions of equally silly people; whereas Gauntlett loves the idea of people knitting, making arts and crafts, posting their YouTube vids to no-one in particular, and generally dossing around!

Now who’s the professor here? I’ll leave my humble readers to answer that one. Meanwhile, I plan to write a more comprehensive critique of MS 2.0, perhaps following my panel-discussion appearance at the Media Education Summit in September.

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