23rd Mar 2011

Media Studies Turkish Edition!

Here’s the front cover of the Turkish-translated Media Studies: Theories and Approaches (2010, Aral1k). A copy arrived in the post today, I’ve got my hands on it right now, and I must say, the publishers have done a superb job – though I must confess to not understanding a word of their language!

Many thanks to them – and to the original publisher Kamera Books (an imprint of Oldcastle Books) for arranging the translation. My books have sold reasonably well in the context of a highly competitive educational/culture-oriented publishing sector, but what gives me most pleasure is acknowledgement across a wider, international readership. My work has now been (or will be) published in French, Hebrew and Turkish, as well as in an English-language Indian edition. All I await now is that Mandarin Chinese translation – but first a memo to delete all references to said republic and its state-controlled media! (that’s a joke, by the way – I mean the deleting, not the state control)

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