17th Feb 2011

Media theory chocolate metaphors

Following a considerable and ongoing response to my damning Media Studies 2.0 malteser metaphor (in Key Themes), I’ve decided it’s simply unfair to pour chocolate over only one perspective, and so - with some reluctance but a smidgen of pleasure - here, in tabulation, are some alternatives posited by members of the great media student/academic fraternity (further suggestions most welcome):

  Product Analogy
Media 2.0 Malteser Lightweight and hollow to its core
Medium theory Milky Way Forget the Gutenberg Galaxy, bring on the McLuhan Milky Way (a further extension of our celestial selves)
Political economy Mars Corporate, American, and imperialist in the extreme
Postcolonalism Turkish Delight Pandering to an Orientalist discourse of primal exoticism (but if Turkey joins the EU, read: Bounty)
Critical race theory Fruit and Nut Remember that ad? Everyone’s a Fruit and Nut-case – and looks distinctly African-Caribbean too
Psychoanalysis Flake Phallic, bordering on castration complex
Consumerism Wispa Back by popular demand – now that’s people power!
Postmodernism Aero Full of air – the ideal simulacrum of a real chocolate bar
Feminism Yorkie Patriarchal masculinity in supremacy
Postfeminism Yorkie Ironic masculinity in crisis
Semiotics Smarties Only Smarties have the answer – with the added exception of the Barthesian semiotician
Behavourism After Eight Or should that be After Nine (the watershed)

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