26th May 2010

My visit to the Newspaper Library

Newspaper Library

Last week I visited the British Library’s Newspaper Library in Colindale, North London. This charming – though hardly sensational – art deco-style building is the only place in the country where you can access most of the world’s newspaper ‘back-catalogues’, often in their original paper form.

Newspaper Library

Sad to say, the Library’s planned closure will go through in the near future, meaning that most of the stock will be transferred to other British Library sites – or simply put into storage. Fingers crossed that the closure won’t make it any harder to get hold of some of the rare and wonderful items currently available for inspection.

I recommend all media students passing through this part of London to pay the Newspaper Library a visit as soon as possible. Even if you’ve nothing planned that you wish to research, why not look up a range of newspapers printed on your birthday – perhaps a tabloid, broadsheet and paper local to where you were born. It’s always interesting to know what kind of a world you were brought up in – and how you’ve changed it for the better! Um, sounds like a good ad line :)

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