30th Jun 2010

Pub Football on 3D TV…

…thus was my encounter with the England-Germany game a few days ago. And my verdict – well, the ball was clearly over the line in Three Dimensions too!

But more to the point, 3D TV is clearly having cost implications for public houses across the nation (and perhaps beyond Pretty England too). Not just because of the price of 3D sets – I believe they cost around £1000 in retail stores right now – but because of the expensive glass-replacement orders wending their way to brewery purchasing managers. Though I’ve not witnessed it myself, I’ve heard several reports (give my observation the name ‘triangulation’ for social scientific purposes) of spectacled drinkers ‘missing their pints’ while glued to the virtually-real action. Particularly problematic are the 2-foot tall and no doubt rather expensive flutes in which certain Belgian or German lagers are often served.

Even more surreal is the effect of watching a 3D monitor, without the specs, after consuming a fair amount of alcohol. Remarkably enough, the blurry images on the screen are compensated for by the drinker’s bleery beer goggles, hence providing ideal 2D visual conditions.

However, neither sober 3D pint-missers nor drunken 2D spec-dodgers found any improvement in the interest levels while watching games involving the England football team.

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