29th Mar 2010

The Power Pledge 2010

I’d like to draw attention to this pressure group – www.power2010.org.uk - not affliated to any political party by the way.

Three out of five of their proposals I agree with: scrapping ID cards and database/surveillance culture, changing the voting system to proportional representation, and replacing the House of Lords with an elected chamber. The two other proposals I’m not so sympathetic with – English laws for English MPs only, and drawing up a written constitution. On the former, surely we’re the UK in the eyes of the world - and nothing should threaten that unity. Unfortunately, this is an unpleasant by-product of ill-thought-out devolution under Blair. And on the latter, a constitution was never needed during the civil strife of the 17thC, or the industrial revolution, or the two world wars – so why bother with one now. The ‘unwritten’ constitution seems to serve our country reasonably well, so why fix what’s not broken?

The matter of proportional media representation of political parties and interests, of course, is a hot potato (and ham) soup, stirred up by the right-leaning Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times in recent months, of which the forthcoming GE campaign will reveal much. So look out for political partiality across all media – broadcast outlets too – in the weeks to come.

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