01st Dec 2009

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

So what to make of Tiger Woods and the infamous car crash, six iron through the window, etc? It’s certainly an interesting case for students of celebrity. Here’s a story of some sort of domestic, it seems, furnished with almost no new information for several days (thanks to Tiger’s lawyers and agents) – and yet half the world’s media will not let go until all life has been strangled out of what is, frankly, something approaching a pseudo-event in the Daniel Boorstin tradition. The Florida Police, meanwhile, have done the media no favours at all by appearing to be limelight-grabbers themselves, all too keen to poke their noses into someone else’s business (who just so happens to be the most famous athlete on the planet) when, after all, the incident seems to have been largely confined to Tiger’s private driveway. Evidence, if ever it was needed, to prove the insatiable appetite to uncover celebrity in today’s society.

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